Dental Crowns Can Restore a Damaged Tooth and Improve Your Appearance

Illustration of a tooth and dental cap being placedDental crowns designed and placed at our Lithia Springs, GA, practice can save weakened teeth and protect against further damage. Dr. Cheryl Cushman can also combine crowns with dental implants to replace missing teeth. At Atlanta West Periodontics & Dental Implants, our crowns come in a variety of strong and aesthetically pleasing materials. Thanks to these substances and Dr. Cushman’s artistic skill, your dental crowns will be crafted to blend seamlessly with your smile. Additionally, your dentist will use incredibly gentle techniques to prep your tooth, so the treatment should involve negligible discomfort. Once your crown is in place, you should enjoy a healthy bite, relief from any bothersome symptoms, and a beautiful smile. 

Dental Crown Applications

Dr. Cushman may recommend a crown for a variety of reasons. She primarily uses crowns for restorative purposes, and she may recommend the procedure if you have:

  • A cracked or weakened tooth
  • Severe decay that has progressed too far for a filling
  • A worn tooth or disproportionately small tooth that is affecting the balance of your bite
  • Dental infection, requiring root canal therapy
  • Missing teeth, since crowns can top dental implants

Less often, Dr. Cushman may suggest a crown for cosmetic reasons. For instance, if you have a misshapen tooth or severe internal staining, a crown can dramatically improve your appearance.

When helping you select a restorative material, Dr. Cushman will consider the location of your crown, your budget, and your cosmetic goals.

Placing a Dental Crown

Before she can place a crown at our office, Dr. Cushman will need to prepare your tooth. In some cases, she will need to remove decayed tissue. Even if you do not have a cavity or an infection, she will need to reshape the tooth so that it can accommodate the crown. She will numb the area before she trims away any tissue, and she will use very gentle techniques. 

Next, Dr. Cushman will take impressions of your tooth. Our partner lab will use the molds when creating your restoration. With these precise measurements, the technicians can design a crown that is a near-perfect match to your tooth. It will also maintain the healthy force of your bite. Usually, it will take about two weeks to craft your crown. When it is finished and has arrived back at our office, Dr. Cushman will firmly secure it to your tooth with a specialized dental cement.

Restorative Materials

Our crowns can be made from several different materials. Dr. Cushman will explain all your options at your initial consultation and help you choose the right type for your needs.


Gold and other metals are often chosen because they are so strong and durable. Although these restorations will not blend in with your smile, if you need a crown on a back tooth or you suffer from teeth grinding, we may recommend this option.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM)

PFM crowns have a metal base and a porcelain coating, which is chosen to match your surrounding teeth. Though this type of restoration will complement your smile at first, the outer coating may eventually begin to wear off.


All-porcelain restorations will be virtually identical to your natural teeth, and they will never change color over time. Porcelain can be an especially good choice if you need a crown near the front of your mouth.


Zirconia is an innovative form of porcelain that is virtually as strong as metal. It also has a realistic sparkle, much like your dental enamel.

When helping you select a restorative material, Dr. Cushman will consider the location of your crown, your budget, and your cosmetic goals.

Strengthen Your Oral Health

If you are suffering from symptoms like a toothache, do not delay treatment. To learn more about crowns and to find out if this type of restoration is the right way to repair your smile, contact our office today

Dr. Cheryl L. Cushman

Atlanta West Periodontics & Dental Implants

Dr. Cheryl L. Cushman and her team are dedicated to offering state-of-the-art care while prioritizing patient comfort. Dr. Cushman is affiliated with several prestigious organizations:

  • The American Academy of Periodontology
  • The Georgia Society of Periodontists - President 2004-2006
  • The Southern Academy of Periodontology
  • The American Dental Association
  • The Georgia Dental Association
  • The Northwestern District Dental Society
  • The Hinman Dental Society

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